1 – On the Shores Of the Pond

Departure – Arrival: Aquae Sinis – Albergo Diffuso
Distance: 14,646 Km
Difficulty: Medium
Type road: Asphalt, cement, gravel

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  1. Departing from Aquae Sinis hotel continue astute, leaving Santa Maria Assunta church on the right.
  2. Cross Piazza Stagno and take Viale Republica.
  3. At the end of the avenue cross the wooden bridge over Rio Tanui.
  4. Arrived to the landing of the boats of of Cabras Pond : “Su Scaiu”, turn left.
  5. Reached Via Tharros turn left and continue right leaving the Civic Museum of Cabras on the right
  6. At the junction for “Torregrande / Oristano / San Giovanni”, turn right.
  7. At the first bridge turn left on the dirt path up to the Peschiera Mar’e Pontis
  8.  Cross the small bridge and reach the square (church of St. Vincent XVII century)
  9. Cross the bridge, take the dirt path and continue up to the sheepfold
  10. Continue on the left and coast along the channel up to the asphalted road SP6
  11. Turn left and cross the bridge over Scolmatore Channel
  12. After the bridge turn left and continue up to the new Peschiera “Sa Ucca ‘and Sa Madrini.”
  13. Continue rights up to Su Siccu.
  14. Coast along for around 300m Su Siccu beach and turn right
  15. Take the trail up to the junction before the Mistras Lagoon
  16. Turn right and cross the road that flanks the lagoon up to the following junction
  17. Turn left and cross the concrete road up to the asphalted road SP6
  18. Cross the bridge over Scolmatore Channel and cross the SP6 up to the second bridge
  19. Cross it and turn left on an excavated path
  20. Continue coasting along Cabras Pond up to the end of the path
  21. Proceed on the SP6 and turn left
  22. At the crossroads turn left in direction Cabras
  23. Take Via Tharros, cross the bridge on Riu Tanui and turn left into Via Tola
  24. Go straight in Via Torino, cross Piazza Stagno and back to the hotel.

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