3 – On the Shores Of the Watertight B

Distance: 6,638 Km
Difficulty: Easy
Type road: Asphalt, cement, gravel
Departure Arrival: Aquae Sinis – Albergo Diffuso

Download the road book of route 3

  1. Departing from Aquae Sinis Hotel turn right and then turn left on via Messina
  2. Continue up to the platform and turn left on the path until the crossroads
  3. Turn left and continue up to the first bifurcation
  4. Remain on the road on the left and continue up to the second bifurcation
  5. Turn right and continue up to the third bifurcation
  6. Hold the right and continue until the crossroads
  7. Continue holding the left up to the fourth bifurcation
  8. Continue holding the left up to the following intersection in proximity of “Pauli e Sali” Swamp
  9. Turn left and flank the swamp
  10. Continue on the main path towards south leaving all the following intersections on the left.
  11. Arrived to the departure platform, continue right on via Messina and cross it all
  12. Turn right in Via Caesare Battisti and arrive to the hotel.

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