6 – The Beaches of Quartz

Distance: 40,478Km
Difficulty: Hard
Type road: Asphalt, cement, gravel
Departure Arrival: Aquae Sinis – Albergo Diffuso

Download the road book of route 6

  1. Starting from Aquae Sinis Hotel in Via Cesare Battisti 44, turn right and then left, go straight, leaving St. Maria Assunta Church on your right .
  2. Continuing south in Piazza Stagno going straight, you get into Viale Republica.
  3. You go straight in Viale Repubblica and cross the wooden bridge over Rio Tanui.
  4. Arrived to the landing of the boats of Cabras Pond: “Su Scaiu”, turn left and continue straight reaching Via Tharros.
  5. From here, turn left and continue straight towards the south, leaving Cabras Museum Cabras on the right .
  6. Continue to go straight to the junction for Torre Grande / Oristano / San Giovanni.
  7. At the crossroads turn right towards the village of San Giovanni Sins.
  8. At the first bridge, turn left and walk along a dirt track
  9. After visiting the renowned fishpond you cross a small bridge to arrive to the large asphalted square where you find the XVII century small church of San Vincenzo .
  10. From here turn left on the dirt track, after skirting a sheepfold, leading to the floodway channel.
  11. Continuing on the right, you get to the asphalted road and then turn left and cross the floodway channel.
  12. From the paved road , continue turning left on the road No. 6 to San Giovanni and after skirted the Aqua Urchi swamp, turn right on a dirt path.
  13. Continuing straight you reach the village of San Salvatore.
  14. Once in San Salvatore go left until you reach the road No. 7 and turn left.
  15. Arrived at the intersection of San Giovanni / Cabras, turn left towards Cabras and when you find l the first dirt pitch, turn right along a dirt track.
  16. Driving along the main trail to the south, you find Mistras Pond on your left and before arriving at the stables, over the path, turn right and passing the path to the left, you will come to an intersection.
  17. From here turn left, going along left of the wasteland of riding.
  18. At the first bend, turn right and continue to the asphalted road (S.P. n ° 6).
  19. From here turn left towards San Giovanni
  20. turn right to an asphalted uphill towards Maimoni.
  21. Over the hill and the asphalt, turn left onto an uphill dirt path, to Turr’e Seu oasis .
  22. Proceed straight towards a descent and over this turn right into a sandy path which leads to Maimoni Beach.
  23. From “Maimoni” continue straight, along the coast, immersed in an uncontaminated environment.
  24. After about 4 Km, you arrive at the popular beach of Is Aruttas.
  25. Then proceed north to get to the beach of Mari Ermi.
  26. Then continue straight on overcoming a stretch of very sandy road ,to the north ,to reach the asphalted square of Mari Ermi. *
  27. From here proceed to the left to the uphill paved road that will take you to the intersection of Cabras / Putzu Idu / Riola.
  28. At the intersection turn right towards Cabras, until you get to the following crossroads Cabras / Is Aruttas / San Giovanni.
  29. In this intersection, you turn left onto a dirt road
  30. Continuing straight you will arrive in front of the drainage canal and here you turn right.
  31. Arrived to the asphalted road (S.P. No. 6), turn left towards Cabras.
  32. Along the provincial road No. 6, after crossing the bridge over the floodway
  33. after crossing the second bridge, turn left on a dirt track.
  34. On this path continue along Cabras Pond , to get to the paved road and turn left
  35. At the junction turn left to Cabras.
  36. Arrived in Cabras you cross the bridge over Riu Tanui and turn left in Via Tola.
  37. Go straight in Via Torino, Piazza Stagno leaving Santa Maria Assunta parish church on the left, and thus arrive at your destination : Aquae Sinis Hotel.


1 Continue straight north for an uphill path to reach the intended destination: the cliffs of “On Tingiosu” near the “Sounds Of The Park” (an abandoned restored sandstone quarry used for events).

2 From the cliffs of “On Tingiosu” will retrace the same path until you reach the asphalted square of Mari Ermi.


Total distance: 40478 m
Max elevation: 53 m
Min elevation: 1 m
Total climbing: 170 m
Total descent: -172 m
Download file: 6 - Le spiagge di Quarzo.gpx